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Increase your residential solar power by up to 30%

It is important to clean and maintain your solar panels in order to protect your investment. This ensures the longevity of your Solar System and thus protects your warranty.

How Solar Panels Get Dirty

One of the main reasons behind dirt accumulation on the solar panel is their upward angle. In that particular angle, they are most prone to the elements. The garnering of the dust and the dirt is very tough to wash merely by rainwater. The thick layer of dirt and dust allows for less penetration of light and reduces the output.

How It Decreases Output

The energy figures presented by the solar panel manufacturers and installers are entirely based on the solar panels peak performance. However, the accumulation of the dust dirt and bird droppings, hampers the solar panels ability to match up with the presented figures. Residential Solar Cleaning services can help you to achieve the optimum solar panels performances.

We Save You Money

Solar panel cleaning is quite a new concept in the USA, but it is prevailing for a long time in the other corners of the world. There have been studys in the U.S. suggesting solar panel cleaning can increase your solar power by up to 30%

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