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residential solar panel cleaning

Residential Solar Panel Cleaning

Increase your residential solar power by up to 32%

Solar Panels provide the most cost effective source of sustainable energy on the planet.  It's also a considerable investment that needs attention and maintenance to function at peak performance. Our solar panel cleaning company is your solution to do just that.
From Small ground/roof mounted systems to 100's of solar panels in multiple locations of your property. We utilize cutting-edge cleaning equipment to get the best possible outcome at competitive pricing.
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On Average Advanced Solar Cleaning Customers Save $650.00 in energy cost annually


If you're not convinced by now,
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Advanced Solar Cleaning has a reputation for providing high-quality solar cleaning services job after job and year after year.

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Our cleaning techs and foreman are carefully trained to safely and efficiently remove dust, dirt, pollen paint overspray, pine tar and bird droppings to ensure maximum output and profitability of your solar panels.

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Now for a Proper Education on Solar Panel Cleaning

types of solar panel soiling

How Solar Panels Get Dirty

One of the main reasons behind dirt accumulation on the solar panel is their upward angle. In that particular angle, they are most prone to the elements. The garnering of the dust and the dirt is very tough to wash merely by rainwater. The thick layer of dirt and dust allows for less penetration of light and reduces the output.

clean solar panel

How It Decreases Output

The energy figures presented by the solar panel manufacturers and installers are entirely based on the solar panels peak performance. However, the accumulation of the dust dirt and bird droppings, hampers the solar panels ability to match up with the presented figures. Residential Solar Cleaning services can help you to achieve the optimum solar panels performances.

more clean solar panels

We Save You Money

Solar panel cleaning is quite a new concept in the USA, but it is prevailing for a long time in the other corners of the world. There have been studies in the U.S. suggesting solar panel cleaning can increase your solar power by up to 32%

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