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6 Reasons to Keep Your Solar Clean:


1. Failure Prevention-

when dirt and debris build up, it causes hot spots that can burn your panels out.

2. Increase Production-

clean solar panels will operate at peak performance.

3. Lower Electric Bill -

when your #panels are at peak performance you use less energy from the grid.

4. Longer Lasting Equipment-

proper cleaning and regular #maintenance is proven to lengthen the life of your #investments

5. Save the Environment-

peak performance equals more green energy and less #carbonfootprint

6. Dirt is BAD -

natural elements like dirt, debris, pollen, bird πŸ’© etc... will deteriorate the delicate film on your panels.

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We pride ourselves on being Voted #1 as the best solar cleaning service in Southern California. We are friendly, honest and easy to work with. Rest assured, you are protected by our 2 million dollar insurance policy.

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