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6 Reasons to Keep Your Solar Clean:


1. Failure Prevention-

when dirt and debris build up, it causes hot spots that can burn your panels out.

2. Increase Production-

clean solar panels will operate at peak performance.

3. Lower Electric Bill -

when your #panels are at peak performance you use less energy from the grid.

4. Longer Lasting Equipment-

proper cleaning and regular #maintenance is proven to lengthen the life of your #investments

5. Save the Environment-

peak performance equals more green energy and less #carbonfootprint

6. Dirt is BAD -

natural elements like dirt, debris, pollen, bird 💩 etc... will deteriorate the delicate film on your panels.

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Our company simply saves you money while maintaining your solar panel investments.  Since 2018 ASC has been Southern California's choice for Solar Panel Cleaning.  Specializing in Residential, Commercial and Utility Scale Solar Panel Cleaning services.

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We guarantee our services and our cleaning maintenance schedules are available 7 days a week, to fit your schedule.


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